Which strains are your most powerful?

Many true enthusiasts choose to purchase Bayside Genetix as they are looking for the most powerful types of cannabis to add to their collection of seeds. Novices often discover us for the same reason. However, when talking about how powerful the effect of a particular variety of cannabis is, the different forms that potency can take must also be considered.  The cerebral, energetic Sativa ‘high’ and the relaxing, body-centered Indica ‘stone’, while both unquestionably powerful, can be difficult to compare as they produce very different feelings.

In the case of hybrids, the mix of Indica and Sativa manifests in different ways in the practically endless combinations of the two ends of the cannabis spectrum. In some cases one effect is followed by the other; in others, both effects occur simultaneously. This can seem like a more powerful effect even though the cannabinoid ratios and general potency may be virtually identical.

Growing conditions – most specifically, the intensity, and amount of hours of, light – have a significant impact on the strength of the final product. This is an area that can contain so many variables and differences that it is impractical to categorically state that the end result of one variety will be consistently stronger than another, unless the crops are grown under exactly the same conditions.

Therefore, it is more accurate and most probably more useful to define the most powerful strains in in each category: