Coke Cane

  • Pack of 10 Premium Feminized Seeds
  • Lineage:
  • Growth Style: Multi-Topped Bush. Expect phenos to range from short and squat to moderate stretchers. Flowers are dense and drip resin
  • Yield: Moderate
  • Flavor: Creamy Vanilla and Sweet Grapes

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    We’ve recently begun a program for artists, musicians, celebrities and influential individuals. Through a collaborative process Bayside will create a tailored strain for your brand and business to add to your arsenal of marketing and advertisement strategies. The project begins with a selection process of current available strains to be used as parent stock in the creation. Samples are provided by Bayside for the individual to test. When a pool of potential crosses is identified, the team at Bayside will then begin the breeding process. Over the course of several months seeds will be created and grown out to fruition. Finished samples will then be provided along with analytical data from labs showcasing terpenoids and cannabinoids to aid in the final selection process. When a winning phenotype is chosen, the individual will be granted contractural rights to market and use the strain as their own. Contact us using the form below to learn more about branded strain development.